Emergency Preparedness and Response Training Course for Experts of Ukrainian NPPs and NNEGC EnergoAtom

Period: 2001 – 2002

Customer: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), USA

Beneficiary: NNEGC Energoatom

The managers and specialists of the emergency services of Ukrainian NPPs undertook the course with the objective to train skills in crisis management and crisis interface; gain experience how to act in case of an accident or its threat, update qualification of the NNEGC ‘Energoatom’ and Ukrainian NPPs personnel. Within the framework of the project, the Chornobyl Center instructors delivered 4 training courses at the NNEGC ‘Energoatom’ Back-up Crisis Center and 4 field courses at the Ukrainian NPPs’ sites.

The training within the framework of the project included the following subjects:

  • Regulatory and legal base in the field of nuclear and natural emergency prevention and response;
  • Functional subsystem of the unified state system of nuclear and natural emergency prevention and response of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine;
  • Preparedness and response system of the NNEGC ‘Energoatom’ in case of accident or emergency at the Ukrainian NPPs (the NNEGC ‘Energoatom’ ERS);
  • Organizational structure of the NNEGC ‘Energoatom’ ERS;
  • Emergency response plans in case of accident or emergency at the Ukrainian NPPs;
  • Safety analysis and emergency scenario forecast (accidents categorization);
  • Methods of practical training programs;
  • Crisis management;
  • Organization of emergency notification to specific entities and the public;
  • Analysis of events resulting in reactor core damage;
  • Release of radioactive material to the environment during the accidents involving reactor core damage;
  • New system of Ukrainian radiation and sanitary regulations that ensure acceptable levels of exposure;
  • Methods and means of radiation situation monitoring and exposure doses control in case of NPP accident;
  • International recommendations regarding planning, preparedness and response in case of NPP accident;
  • Assessment of NPP status in case of/under the threat of accident;
  • Methods of protective counter-measures assessment;
  • Methods of forecasting radiation situation and potential radiation exposure based on NPP status and results of radiation situation monitoring.


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Vasyl Rylov
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