Study of ChNPP Unit 2 GRP-2-125 Graphite Radioactivity

Period: 2003

Customer: SSE Chornobyl NPP

The project was implemented within the framework of the Shutdown Program for Chornobyl NPP Unit 2.

Within the framework of this activity, the content of the radioactive isotopes in GRP-2-125 graphite rings of ChNPP Unit 2 reactor was estimated. The work included the following:

  • Theoretical study and substantiation of the procedure selected.
  • Upgrading the procedure.
  • Experimental study (sampling, measurements, analysis of results).
  • Generalization and assessment of the study results.

The following methods were used to identify the content of the radionuclides in GRP-2-125 graphite rings: Beta-, Gamma- and X-ray spectrometry, Beta-radiometry and radiochemistry.

The data obtained made it possible to retrospectively correct information about the initial content of admixtures and increase the accuracy of reactor activity assessments.

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Mykhailo D. Bondarkov
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Dmytro V. Koniaiev
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