Arrangement and Delivery of The Training Course “Emergency Response During Radiation Accidents. Lessons Learned From the Chornobyl Catastrophe” to The California National Guard

Period: 2003

Customer: The United States Embassy in Ukraine

Within the framework of the project, a team of experts from the California National Guard received training in emergency response within the radioactively contaminated area. Development and delivery of the training course was based on practical experience gained during elimination of the Chornobyl accident’s consequences.

The training course program included theoretical and practical sessions.

Basic subjects of theoretical sessions:

  • General characteristics of radiation accidents;
  • Basics of radiation protection and their practical application under the conditions of a radiation accident. Lessons learned from the Chornobyl accident.
  • Methodology and practice of a radiation accident confirmation (including a ‘dirty bomb’ explosion);
  • Assessment of a radiation accident scale and its potential consequences;
  • An accident categorization;
  • Scope and procedure of emergency activities to eliminate an accident and mitigate its consequences;
  • Scope and procedure of emergency activities for population protection;
  • Urgent identification of exposed individuals, first aid techniques;
  • Management of an accident and elimination of its consequences, urgent actions, immediate actions.

Practical sessions:

  • Fire extinguishing during a radiation accident;
  • Dosimetry survey of radioactively contaminated areas;
  • Techniques of first medical aid in case of radiation injuries;
  • Technical tour to the Chornobyl NPP site, Shelter Object and Exclusion Zone.


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