Development of Training Program on Emergency Instructions for the Ignalina NPP

Period: 2001

Customer: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), USA

Beneficiary: Ignalina NPP

The project was aimed at enhancing the system of personnel emergency response training at the Ignalina NPP. Within the framework of the project, the existing training program on emergency instructions and the procedure of its implementation at Ignalina NPP were reviewed. Proceeding from the results obtained, the appropriate recommendations were developed.

The following documents were subject to the review:

  • training materials for various categories of the INPP personnel;
  • training program on emergency operating procedures (EOP) for the operation personnel;
  • EOP flow sheets;
  • EOP user guide, operation instructions, etc.

The activities for implementing emergency instructions at INPP were analyzed and their technical justification was prepared.


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