About the collection

The scientific and technical collection “Problems of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone” is issued by the Chornobyl Center by the order of the State Agency of Ukraine on the Management of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
The subject area of the collection presents the results of scientific researches and design activity in the ChNPP Exclusion Zone with the aim to develop technology, equipment and instruments for RAW management and the ChNPP accident clean-up, studying of the composition and structure of the activity solid bearers in the soil of the Exclusion Zone, transformation of forms of the products of distribution of radionuclide composition of the fuel fallout in the nearest zone of the ChNPP, spatial distribution of radionuclides and solution of other problems of radioecology. Much attention is paid to medical and biological problems of the accident influence on flora, fauna and human health, working conditions and morbidity of the Exclusion Zone workers. It is for scientists, which works in the area of ecology, radioecology, nuclear engineering, radiology, radiochemistry and radiobiology, and for postgraduates and students as well.
The collection has a certificate of state registration KV № 20395-10195 P dated 20.11.2013 and ISSN 2311-2069.

Editorial board:
V. V. Petruk (Chief Editor)
V. M.Shestopalov (Deputy Chief Editor)
M. D. Bondarkov (Executive Secretary)
D. A. Bazyka
V. G. Bariakhtar
O. I. Bondar
S. P. Gashchak
S. I. Kirieiev
G. D. Kovalenko
Yu. O. Kutlakhmedov
G. V. Lysychenko
B. Ya. Oskolkov
A. I. Savin
M. M. Talerko
Yu. O. Shybetskyi

Address of the editorial board:
11, 77th Gvardiiska Dyviziya St., Slavutych, Kyiv Region, Ukraine, 07101,
SSRI “Chornobyl Center for Nuclear Safety, Radioactive Waste and Radioecology”
Tel. (04579) 2-30-16, fax (04579) 2-81-44

With all questions on publication of the collection materials, please contact:
Chesnokova Svitlana N.
e-mail: schesnokova@chornobyl.net
Tel.: +38(04579) 2-30-16

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