A Regular Training Course was Held at the Training Centre for Radioecology

During June 23-29, 2013, experts of the Chornobyl Center conducted the training course ‘Emergency response under Conditions of Nuclear Disaster in Chornobyl Exclusion Zone’ for ‘HOTZONE SOLUTIONS GROUP BV’ representatives.

After a two-day course of lectures, the training course participants accompanied by Mr. Andrii Maksymenko, Head of the ChC Department for IRL Research Technical Support, held practical studies on detection of ionizing radiation sources as well as on protection and decontamination of contaminated areas within the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. The training course attendees also paid a familiarization visit to the SSE ChNPP Model Hall, Shelter Object Observation Pavilion, and the town of Chornobyl.

CC Information Department

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