Calculation of Isotope Composition and Radiation Parameters of Reactor Equipment and Structural Elements at Chornobyl NPP Units 1&2

Period: 2001

Customer: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), USA

Beneficiary: Chornobyl NPP

Within the framework of this activity, full-scale 3-dimensional RBMK reactor models for MCNP-4B and SCALE4.4a codes were designed. Using NJOY-99, MCNP-4B, SCALE4.4a, WIMSD-5B, ORIGEN 2.1, MCNP VISED 26F, KENO3D codes, the work to analyze induced activity and radiation parameters of ChNPP Units 1&2 reactor equipment and structural elements was performed. The obtained assessments of basic reactor structures radiation status and prognosis of their variation in time provide a possibility to choose an optimum decommissioning option for unit.


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