About the laboratory

The Laboratory (Department) of clinical and biochemical studies was established in the International Radioecology Laboratory of the Chornobyl Center with support of the International Atomic Energy Agency in 2012.

The laboratory has successfully passed the certification (the latest Certificate of Attestation No. PT-92/15, issued by the State Enterprise “Ukrmetrteststandart” on March 19, 2015) and has been granted permission to conduct a wide range of laboratory tests for the population. The laboratory is currently preparing for accreditation at the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine.

Internal quality control is carried out on a daily basis. Each month the Laboratory successfully passes the international inter-laboratory quality control as a participant of the External Quality Assurance Services (EQAS) international program, also known as Prevecal, which is implemented by BioSystems, Spain. As of today, about 2,000 laboratories from different countries of the world take part in this program.

The analyses follow all relevant norms and requirements: state-of-the-art medical equipment is used (advanced blood analyzers), high-stable reagent kits, controls, calibrators, German quality standards, disposable medical supplies and accessories. Blood samples are taken by the safe enclosed-type vacuum systems.

Qualified staff works in the Laboratory. The staff possesses the modern techniques for studies, improves professional skills on a regular basis, participates in conferences and exhibitions. All this ensures the provision of services in compliance with the current international quality standards.

Quality should be accessible! Our price policy is optimum.

Our advantages:

  • we always protect interests of our clients and are ready to consider any proposals and comments;
  • we are always open for communication, you can come to us or call us, make changes into a list of requested analyses, consult on preparation to and delivery of medical tests, external and internal factors influencing the received result, reference values for your age, etc.;
  • all analyses are performed at the location, thus excluding potential errors during storage and transportation of samples;
  • we guarantees the short period of studies, the possibility to receive the urgent result;
  • all measured samples are doubled, thus ensuring the analysis quality.

For our clients we have a house-call service to take blood from bed patients and children with hypertension. In other cases in-home treatment should be agreed on by calling to the Laboratory. If a laboratory technician has an opportunity, you will not be denied.

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