Engineering and technical means of BDRAW “Podlesnyi” physical protection, “004-44/34/04- BDRAW

Client: State Specialized Enterprise for capital construction management of exclusion zone (SSE “MCCE”).
Period: 2011

Object of the project: construction and installation works at BDRAW “Podlesnyi” site.
Within the project the following works were performed:
– determination of FS systems current technical condition;
– determination of deviations from the project and the requirements of ND, which were done at the construction phase;
– assessment of the completeness and quality of project work documentation (WD);
– recommendations from the follow-up activities were given.
Methods of survey:
– visual overview of FS major systems, their components, elements, equipment;
– electrical measurements;
– full-scale tests.

Deputy Director General
Glygalo Valeriy Nikolaevich
Tel. +38 (04579) 2 83 62
Fax: +38 (04579) 2 81 44

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