Rules for authors

The works not published earlier and not intended for simultaneous publication in other editions are accepted to the collection and should be devoted to the problems of radioecology of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, radioactive waste management in the Zone, transformation of Shelter Object into an environmentally safe system, operation of enterprises located in the Zone, medical and biological aspects, etc.

The texts of the articles and all materials to them should be carefully edited, checked and signed by the authors. The article is submitted in Urainian or Russian as one file in Microsoft Word format. Moreover, it is necessary to submit the pictures and photos in one of the following formats: jpg, gif, pcx, bmp, tif.
The full volume of the article should not exceed 15 pages. The statement must be clear, concise, without long introduction, digression and repetition, as well as duplication of data of tables, figures and captions to them in the text.
An abstract (in Ukrainian, Russian and English) should be provided to the article with identification of the title of the article, names of authors, summary of the content and a list of keywords.
The abstract and the section ‘Conclusions’, if any, should not duplicate each other.

Format of electronic version of article
The paper size is A4. The fields are the following: the upper field is 2.0 cm, the bottom field is 2.5 cm, the right field is 2.0 cm, and the left field is 2.5 cm. The font is Times New Roman 12, the interval between the rows is one.
The pictures and photos should have a clear image and be inserted into the text of the article. The inscriptions on the drawings and photos should, as far as possible, be replaced by the letter marks that are explained in the captions to them. All physical quantities should be reported in units of SI system, and all inscriptions and unit names in the figures and tables should be provided in the main language of the article. It is not desirable to give in the form of pictures the data that can be presented in a text or a table.
The size of inscriptions and captions is 11 pt. The figures, photos and tables should have a number and a title (and the corresponding references in the text). The abbreviations of words in the text, tables, and figures are not allowed.
The equation editor should be used to write the formulas. The way of writing is usual, the location is centered; the formula number is written to the right in parentheses.

Arrangement of the article material
UDC number: font size is 11 pt, writing is normal, placement is left.
Title of the article: font size is 12 pt, writing is in the capital letters, bold, placement is centered. There is no dot at the end of the headings. The headings are separated from the text by one empty line from the top and bottom.
Authors (initials, surnames): font size is 12 pt, writing is bold, placement is centered.
Names of the organizations: font size is 11 pt, writing is italic, placement is centered.
Abstract (in the language of the main text of the article, the volume is not more than 1000 characters): font size is 11 pt, writing is normal, placement is in width.
Text of the article: font size is 12 pt, writing is normal, placement is in width. The words must be separated only by one space. It is not allowed to put a space after the word before the punctuation marks. A space is put between the values and the unit of measurement.
Title of the subheading of the first level: font size is 12 pt, writing is bold, placement is centered.
Title of the subheading of the second level: font size is 11 pt, writing is bold, placement is centered.
References: font size is 11 pt, writing is normal, placement is in width. References to the literary sources should be given in square brackets in the form of an ordinal number. In the references to the copyright certificates and patents it is necessary to specify their class (IPC) and the complete date of publication.
Information on all authors is given on a separate sheet: full name, academic degree and title, position, full name of the institution, contact phone and fax number, and e-mail of the authors.

Examples of preparation of bibliographic references

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  2. Kamzin А. S., Rusakov V. L. Proportional counter for Mossbauer studies of surface layers at the temperature from 100 to 700 К // Instruments and Techniques of Experiment. – 1988. – No. 5. – P. 56-58.
  3. Wildermuth К., Tang Ya. A Unified Theory of the Nucleus // Transl. from Eng. Yu. F. Smirnova. – M.: Nauka, 1980. – 602 p.
  4. Tedeoko К. Uranium deposits of Italy // Geology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Methods of Uranium Deposits Assessment: Transl. from Eng. / Ed. B. I. Vivon. – М., 1988. – P. 304-318.
  5. Program of experimental researches at meson factory of INR AS USSR: Works of V All union workshop, 23-27 April 1983, Zvenigorod. – М., 1984. – 372 p.
  6. Salcamoto Н., Kishimoto T. Microscopic Analysis of Nuclear Collective Motions in Terms of the Boson Expansion Theory(I). Formulation // Nuclear Physics. – 1988. – Vol. А486, No. 1. – P. 1-42.
  7. Available porosity and molecular sieve properties of lava-like fuel-containing materials of Shelter Object: (SR Report) / ISP NPP NAS Ukraine. – Inv. No. 001. – Chernobyl, 2004.
  8. А.s. 1141393 USSR, MKI C 06 F 3/02. Device for information input // R. S. Ilyina, N. P. Karasenko, V. А. Kovalev, etc. – Publ. 30.03.86, Bull. No. 12.
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