Development of Radiation Survey Programs for Rivne NPP Units 1,2

Period: 2008
Customer: State Enterprise NNEGC “EnergoAtom”  SS “Rivne NPP”
The project objective is development, technical support and agreement of the following documents:

  • “Programs for Radiation Survey of Equipment, Pipelines and Premises at Rivne NPP Units 1,2”
  • “Programs for Radiation Survey of Buildings, Structures and Territory at Rivne NPP Units 1,2”

Development of these documents is targeted at regulation of the requirements for planning, organization, reporting during the process of radiation survey. The information obtained as a result of the survey will form the input data required for the development of Decommissioning Plan for Rivne NPP Units 1,2.

Director of Laboratory for Engineering and Technology
Vasyl R. Rylov
Tel.: +38 (04579) 2 27 48
Fax: +38 (04579) 2 81 44

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