Integrated Shelter Database development contract is completed

The two-year technical support of the Integrated Shelter Database (ISDB), that was the final stage of the large-scale international project implemented within the framework of the Shelter Implementation Plan (SIP)1, is completed.

ISDB is a result of well-organized professional efforts of the Russian and Ukrainian Consortium including Chornobyl Center (Ukraine) and IBS Company (Russia)2.

Let us recall that ISDB development activities started on May 7, 2004, when the corresponding contract was signed, and were concluded on March 6, 2007 by signing the certificate for the developed database commissioning.

ISDB is a unique information system ensuring storage of all necessary documents on the Shelter Object condition and on the works that have been performed there after the accident, simultaneously providing an opportunity to accumulate, process, store, and analyze the data incoming from all monitoring systems located at the Shelter Object and set up to register its condition and environmental impact. The Database makes possible planning of activities at the Shelter Object with maximum adherence to safety requirements established for personnel, population and environment.

The Database structure provides technical subdivisions of the ChNPP with an opportunity to efficiently and effectively use it, and is also making a significant contribution to a quality of informational interface between the plant specialists.

Extremely important is the fact that the innovation techniques and solutions that have been created and applied within the project framework may be successfully replicated and applied at other NPPs.

1. Shelter Implementation Plan (SIP) has become a culmination of the efforts of Ukraine and the international community towards development of the most ecologically and economically acceptable approach towards addressing the problems brought by the Chornobyl NPP Shelter Object. This global project was developed by an international group of experts from European Union, Ukraine, Japan, USA and approved by G7 nuclear safety working group and by the Government of Ukraine in 1997.

With the objective to collect costs required for the abovementioned project implementation, the Chornobyl Shelter Fund (CSF) was set up. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was entrusted with managing the CSF costs. (For the details about the project refer to the SSE “Chornobyl NPP” web-site at

2. IBS is a Russian holding joining companies working in the area of system integration, offshore programming, as well as production and distribution of computer equipment (For the details about the company refer to ).



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