The Integrated Shelter Database is ready

The Chornobyl Center (Ukraine) and IBS Company (Russia) have completed development of the Integrated Shelter Database (ISDB), a large-scale project within the framework of the international program targeted at transformation of the Chornobyl NPP Shelter Object into ecologically safe system.

On March 12, 2007 the Certificate of completion was signed and on March 16 the final meeting on the results of the project implementation was held in the Chornobyl Center in Slavutych.

As a result of a two-year work, the Chornobyl NPP got the database that will ensure storage of all required documents related to SO condition and the activities performed before and after the accident. The ISDB will be used for further performance of Shelter Implementation Plan activities.

In addition to storage of all the accumulated information, ISDB application will provide the opportunity of accumulation, processing, storage and analysis of data incoming from the SO monitoring systems and registering its state and impact on the environment. This information will be useful for people, who are responsible for nuclear, radiation and fire safety of the facility. It will assist in planning of works for those directions with maximum observance of safety requirements to personnel, public and the environment.
Use of Primavera Systems Inc. Specialized Software will allow supporting network scheduling process, simultaneous joint work of the integrated database’s users on all SIP projects with an opportunity to prognosis the changes, and thereby it will approach the achievement of strategic objectives of the SO Construction Program at the earliest possible date with minimum costs as well as the required level of quality.

As Yevgen Garin, Coordinating Director of the Chornobyl Center, pointed out during the meeting: “ISDB is a unique project that covered all aspects of information databases earlier developed at the Shelter Object. The given database was integrated into a single system and provides the opportunity for technical divisions of the ChNPP to use it rationally and efficiently. Completion of the project is a demonstrative example of fruitful international collaboration of Russian and Ukrainian companies in the area of nuclear safety of nuclear power plants”.

IBS expert Sergey Mishchuk, Detailed Design Task Manager, marked: “Information database of the Shelter Object is practically the first information system of enterprise-scale at the ChNNP and its correct usage will will allow to rise information interaction between the divisions to a new level of quality”.

High reliability of ISDB was confirmed by an appropriate project evaluation performed by the SNRCU. The SNRCU has already provided its recommendations on advisability of further integration of the SO information database for the systems being under operation and commissioning at the ChNPP.




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