ChNPP RAW Database was commissioned

Acceptance of the Inventory Database for Chornobyl NPP Radioactive Waste (DB RAW ChNPP) into industrial operation was approved.

The completed database will allow management of the data on the radioactive waste that were accumulated as a result of of ChNPP Units 1, 2 & 3 operation and the RAW, which will result from the activities on the Chornobyl NPP decommissioning.

The database provides the information to support the following activities:

  • account of all radioactive waste on the Chornobyl NPP industrial site;
  • account of initial RAW packages;
  • RAW transportation for treatment;
  • RAW treatment and final RAW packaging;
  • account of all RAW packages;
  • transportation of final packages to interim storage or disposal.
It should be noted that following the database commissioning, the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant has an opportunity to monitor the radioactive waste at all stages of waste management, starting with collection and ending with processing and disposal.
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