SSSDB Database: Information, Administrative and Organizational Support, Development of Methods and Procedures to Check Quality of Data and Information

Customer: ЕСОММ Со. Ltd. (Ukraine)

Period: since 2007

The major objective of the project is to ensure quality of the data and information that shall be inputted into a new SSSDB database and used by the Shelter Object personnel with the objective to address the set tasks dealing with its transformation into ecologically safe system; as well as to inform the Customer about the SIP progress.

Within the framework of the project the Chornobyl Center is performing the following tasks:

  • development of procedures and methods to check quality of the data and information;
  • collection and supply of information and news on the SIP work progress regarding the Shelter Object transformation into ecologically safe system;
  • administrative and organization support to the project;
  • participation in the development of the scientific reports and presentations.

The works are performed under Contract No. TAP-ICC – 870011/02 – UA-2660 dated 2006 and concluded between Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) mbH (Germany) and ЕСОММ Со. Ltd. (Ukraine).

The Project will continue till 2010. Its goal is to ensure regular update and population of the abovementioned database.

The results of the project may be applied while developing new databases, which objective is to ensure safety at any nuclear- or radiation-hazardous facility during the following:

  • development of the activities to prevent spread of radioactive contamination in the environment, including ground and underground water;
  • development of reports to analyze safety of the works performed in immediate vicinity to nuclear- and radiation-hazardous sources, etc.

Head of Information and Analytical Department
Svitlana Chesnokova
Tel./Fax: +38 04579 2 82 60

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