Development of The Integrated Shelter Database

Period: 2004-2006

Customer: SSE Chornobyl NPP

Works were performed jointly with IBS Company, Russia

The following have been performed within the framework of the project:

  • development of the detailed design of ISDB (in PRE and CFD statuses);
  • production, purchase, and supply of ISDB elements;
  • installation, pre-commissioning and testing;
  • personnel training;
  • acceptance testing;
  • commissioning of ISDB.

Development of the ISDB will ensure collection of all the required data and documents regarding the Shelter conditions, activities that have been performed after the accident at ChNPP Unit 4, storage of electronic versions and hard copies of the data, their processing and analysis. The objective is to provide the information to many users and ensure simultaneous use of the data by many users.

It is supposed that the data collected by the ISDB can be used while determining the long-term strategy for the Sarcophagus transformation into an ecologically safe system, and also during implementing the projects aimed at the Shelter Object stabilization.

The completed ISDB will provide an opportunity to work simultaneously for several categories of users: users of the Shelter Implementation Plan Project Management Unit (SIP PMU ), customers, consultants, contractors, and external users with access via the Internet.

Head of Department of Software Development and Design
Dmytro Koniaiev
Tel. +38 (04579) 2 30 78
Fax +38 (04579) 2 81 44

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