Development of Inventory Database for Chornobyl NPP Radioactive Waste

Period: 2003-2004

Customer: DTI, NNC (UK)

Beneficiary: Chornobyl NPP

The purpose of this project was to provide an inventory database for the radioactive waste accumulated as a result of Chornobyl NPP Units 1, 2, 3 operation and for the radioactive waste in the Shelter, as well as for the RAW accumulated as a result of the ChNPP decommissioning.

The following are the major activities completed within the project framework:

  • development of the radioactive waste inventory database to manage the data at all stages of radioactive waste processing;
  • delivery of the necessary equipment (servers, workstations, peripherals) and licensed software;
  • installation of the equipment and database at the Chornobyl NPP ;
  • development of the database operating manuals;
  • training of the database users.

The database provides information to support the following activities:

  • accounting of all radioactive waste on the Chornobyl NPP industrial site;
  • initial packaging of the RAW;
  • RAW transportation for treatment;
  • RAW treatment and final packaging;
  • accounting of all packages of waste;
  • transportation of final packages to temporary storage or disposal facilities.

The database was handed over to the ChNPP for trial and industrial operation.


Head of Decommissioning Department
Vasyl R. Rylov
Tel. +38 04579 2 27 48
Fax +38 04579 2 81 44

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