On-going projects of the Chornobyl Center

1. Development of the Integrated Shelter Database (ISDB) has been completed.

Objectives of the ISDB development were as follows:

– collect all the necessary data and documents on the SO condition, equipment and systems of the power units and the activities performed at Unit 4 after the accident;
– store electronic versions of the data, their processing and analysis with the objective to provide it to many users and ensure simultaneous multiple use of the data, in particular, to solve the tasks on the SO transformation into ecologically safe system within the framework of the Shelter Implementation Plan (SIP).

An active part of the project has been completed. In accordance with the contract conditions, the warranty maintenance, including technical support and maintenance of the equipment delivered under the contract will be ensured during the next 18 months.

2. The project “Comprehensive Engineering and Radiation Survey (CERS) of Units 1&2 at the South-Ukrainian NPP and development of an application module for the database management” is in progress.

ASSCERS is targeted at registration, radiation monitoring, engineering and chemical surveys, interaction with the Ukrainian database “Reliability” and development of the reporting forms.

At the present, development, setup and tests of the software on a test bench are in progress.

3. International Radioecology Laboratory of the CC is implementing the project “Monitoring of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone Rehabilitation” customed by the the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The period of completion continues since September 2006 till March 2009.

The investigation is concerned with the industrial part of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone (“Promzona”), where the activities on ChNPP decommissioning and the New Safe Confinement (NSC) construction are in progress now.

The objective of the project is to assess radioecological condition of the Chornobyl NPP “Promzona” and its changes depending on the types of production activity, determine the radioecological monitoring methods to ensure the most sucessful control of ecological situation within the territory.

During the first stage, collection and analysis of the available published information characterizing radioecological conditions of the Chornobyl NPP “Promzona” are performed as well as production activities on ChNPP power units decommissioning and transformation of the Shelter Object into ecologically safe system.

With the objective to specify some radioecological parameters of the territory, sampling and measurement of the contaminated soils, plants and underground waters are conducted as well as radiation gamma–survey of major roads and territories adjacent to industrial facilities.

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