Our colleagues from Belarus – RSRUE “Institute of Radiology” celebrated the 20-th anniversary

Within the framework of arrangements dedicated to this event the Scientific and Practical Conference devoted to the radioecological issues was held on November 23, 2006 in Gomel, Belarus.

Yuriy Ivanov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, senior research worker of the International Radioecology Laboratory, congratulated Belarussian colleagues on behalf of the Chornobyl Center. He also presented report “Modern radioecological situation in the territory of the ChNPP Exclusion Zone”. During the conference there were heard and discussed the reports on the problems of agricultural complex under the conditions of radioactive contamination, in particular, those, devoted to the issues of contaminated areas rehabilitation, efficiency of protective measures and others.

About Institute of Radiology

Established in the first months after the accident at the ChNPP in 1986 as a Belarussian affiliation of All-union Institute of Agricultural Radiology, at present, the Institute of Radiology develops methodologies of rehabilitation of areas contaminated by radionuclides, prepares proposals on possible land development of exclusion and resettlement zone. Study of the mechanism of radionuclides behavior in the link “soil-plant” is being continued here. The scientists of the Institute provide scientific support to the reorientation of suffered economies taking into consideration the existing conditions. “The Concept of programs for rehabilitation of regions and inhabited areas contaminated by radionuclides” developed in the Institute provided the basis for State Program of Belarus on Overcoming the Consequences of the Chornobyl NPP Catastrophe in 2006-2010.

As the employees of the International Radioecology Laboratory of the Chornobyl Center, the experts of the Institute of Radioecology carry out their experiments in exclusion and resettlement zones, in the inhabited areas, at the farms, where they take samples of soil, water, forest, agricultural products, which are studied later in special laboratory.

Vladimir Ageyets, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences of Belarus, has been working as Director of the Institute since 1997.

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