The regular annual EUROSAFE Forum was held in Paris on November 13-14, 2006

The managers of the Chornobyl Center Yevgen Garin, Coordinating Director, and Valeriy Glygalo, Director for Quality, participated in its procedures.

EUROSAFE 2006 was dedicated to the subject “Radioactive Waste Management: Long-Term Safety Requirements and Social Expectations” from the point of view of authorities, TSOs and industry. Forum presented the latest work in nuclear installation safety and research, radioactive waste management, radiation safety as well as nuclear material and nuclear facilities security carried out by IRSN, GRS, AVN and their partners from European Community, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

A high level of nuclear safety is a priority for Europe. The value of the international approach consists in the exchange of the particularly important technologies, such as instrumentation and control, power market deregulation, demand for improved safety and safety management, ageing of nuclear facilities, radioactive waste management, support and development of scientific and technical knowledge and the necessity for major transparency.

The participants of the conference had an opportunity not only to listen to and discuss plenary reports on the mentioned issues, but also to work effectively at the subject workshops, where the listed issues were considered in more detail.

For information:
The EUROSAFE Forum is a part of the EUROSAFE approach that consists of two elements: the EUROSAFE Tribune publication and the EUROSAFE website. The primary objective of EUROSAFE is to contribute to convergence of practices in nuclear safety technical support. This is realized by providing with technical safety, research organization, national safety authority work, power utilities and participation of a number of industrial and nongovernmental organizations of European Community, East- European countries and international organizations.
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