Radioecology Research of The Glyboke Lake Proving Ground

Period: 2002

Customer: Texas Tech University (USA)

Project objective: study characteristics of radionuclides horizontal and vertical distribution in the soil of the Glyboke Lake Proving Ground; assess radionuclides migration parameters.

The following works were performed within the framework of the project:

  • detailed survey of the radiation situation along the north-western shore and in separate cross-sections around the lake’s Proving Ground was performed based on the dose rate values;
  • soil samples were taken with the objective to assess content and character of 90Sr, 134Cs, 137Cs, 154Eu, 155Eu, 241Am and 238, 239, 240Pu distribution.

Research results:

  • The preliminary results confirm extremely uneven radioactive contamination of the Glyboke Lake Proving Ground, as well as the presence of the specific shore anomaly that is represented by highly contaminated soil sites located along the narrow shore strip.


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