Operational Support to Automated Support System for the Comprehensive Engineering and Radiation Survey (ASS CERS) at the South Ukrainian NPP

Period: since 2008
Customer: State Enterprise NNEGC EnergoAtom

The task order includes the following scope of activities:

  • technical support for the NPP’s ASS CERS database;
  • ensuring integrity and operability of ASS CERS;
  • modification of ASS CERS software;
  • analysis of the software correct operation, timely detection of shortcomings and development of methods for their elimination.

Dmytro V. Koniaiev
Head of Department of Software Development and Design
Tel. +38 04579 2 30 78
Fax +38 04579 2 81 44
e-mail: dkonyaev@chornobyl.net

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