Development of Radiation Protection Program for The Chornobyl NPP at The Final Stage of Closure

Period: 2003-2004

Customer: BNFL, UK

Beneficiary: SSE Chornobyl NPP

The project objective was to develop the document determining structure and description of the SSE ChNPP activity in the area of radiation protection and ensuring adherence to legislative and regulatory requirements to radiation safety, personnel and public protection at the stage of the plant final shutdown.

Following are the basic activities performed under the project:

  • collection and systematization of the information on the ChNPP power units covering the peculiarities of the current situation at the plant and required to understand goals of the activity aimed at the power units decommissioning;
  • analysis of maintaining the personnel and public exposure levels;
  • development and substantiation of the dose limit system that forms the basis for planning technical and organizational decision-making in the area of radiation protection;
  • selection of the means required to reduce radiation exposure of personnel during the decommissioning activities;
  • development of a practical manual on radiation protection assurance;
  • collection of the information on major sources of ionizing radiation present in the ChNPP power units;
  • establishment of requirements to radiation protection assurance during radwaste and spent nuclear fuel management;
  • establishment of the radiation situation monitoring procedure as well as the procedure to determine numerical values for zoning criteria;
  • compilation of a list of monitoring instruments and equipment required to ensure dosimetry control and safety of personnel; dosimetry control and survey of the site; radiation monitoring of the environment;
  • identification of tools and methods for decontamination of equipment and structures;
  • identification of requirements to and criteria of quality assurance during performing the work under the project.

The project resulted in development of the “Program…” approved by the customer. The Program is a principal guiding document of the ChNPP in the area of radiation protection assurance at the final shutdown stage. The document must be used at the ChNPP and covers organization of the activity aimed at ensuring radiation protection of the personnel, public and environment.

Head of Decommissioning Department
Vasyl R. Rylov
Tel. +38 04579 2 27 48
Fax +38 04579 2 81 44

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