Chornobyl Center is training radioecology experts from Indonesia

A 3-week training course “Measurement of radionuclide activity in samples by means of spectrometric and radiometric equipment. Modeling of radionuclide distribution in the environment. Risk assessment” started at the Chornobyl Center on October 24.
The target audience includes 6 representatives of the Indonesian National Atomic Energy Agency.
The program of the training course consists of theoretical classes, practical drills in taking samples of water and soil and in application of measurement procedures, as well as a study tour to the Chornobyl exclusion zone.

Note. Indonesia, which is securing the third place in oil production among the countries across the world, has suffered greatly due to a decline in oil prices and now it plans to move towards nuclear energy. According to Mohammad Nasir, Minister of Science,Technology and Higher Education Resources of Indonesia, his country shall urgently build a nuclear power plant to meet the demand for electricity in the domestic market of Indonesia. Currently, three research reactors are operating in Indonesia.

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