Japanese delegation visited the International Radioecology Laboratory of the Chornobyl Center

On December 12, 2012 International Radioecology Laboratory of the Chornobyl Center was visited by Japanese delegation, led by Chairman of Information System on Occupational Exposure (ISOE) Wataru Mizumachi.
In the interview with Director General of CC, Mikhail Bondarkov, and Deputy Director General in Science, Sergey Gaschak, the questions about the methods of radiation protection at the Chernobyl NPP site, the radiation-ecological and biological situation in the Exclusion zone in the present were highlighted.

The guests listened with interest to Senior Researcher, Julia Maklyuk, who described the work and opportunities of the laboratory and conducted an excursion around the IRL.

Information reference
As part of the activities carried out by the CRPPH (Committee on Radiation Protection and Public Health) of the OECD/NEA, the ISOE (Information System on Occupational Exposure) was launched in January 1992 to enable the exchange among various countries of useful information on radiation-exposure reduction for nuclear-power-plant personnel. The Asian Technical Centre was established in April 1992 within the Safety Information Research Center of the Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation, which was reorganized into JNES (Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization) created in October 2003. ISOE activities have achieved a great deal of success, thus making them a focus of attention among CRPPH activities. Since October 1997, IAEA participated as the joint secretariat to allow participation of non-OECD/NEA member states. ISOE has four regional technical centers, located in IAEA, Europe, North America, and Asia.

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