The training course on investigating methods of chromosomes differential coloring was conducted by ICC IRL experts for the representatives of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Iraq

During October 15-29, 2012, a training course in cytogenetics was conducted for the representatives of the Iraqi Ministry of Science and Technology by Ju.A. Makliuk, a senior researcher, in the International Radioecology Laboratory (IRL) of the Chornobyl Center.

The training course dealt with investigation of methods for differential coloring of chromosomes used to get details on chromosomes’ structure via applying various colorants. Also, the training covered application of the methods involving routine coloring of chromosomes and identification of unstable chromosome aberrations used to assess radiation burdens.
On completion of the training course, the Iraqi specialists got certificates.

FYI: Comparison of the cross mark units in chromosomes, which were obtained as a result of coloring, provides an opportunity to comprehensively identify chromosome aberrations, i.e. intro- and interchromosomal recombinations accompanied by irregularity in chromosome fragments. This analysis is of great importance in medical practice, it allows for diagnostics of a number of chromosomal disorders induced by both gross abnormalities in karyotypes (abnormalities in chromosome number), abnormalities of chromosome structure and multiplicity of cellular karyotypes in an organism.

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