Visit of the representatives of «HOTZONE SOLUTIONS GROUP BV» (Netherlands) to the International Radioecology Laboratory of the Chornobyl Center in the framework of international cooperation

On September 17-19, 2012 the International Radioecology Laboratory of the Chornobyl Center was visited by the company «HOTZONE SOLUTIONS GROUP BV» (Netherlands): Dieter Rothbacher, Ryzhykav Yavgen, Patrice Stengel, Nicoli Henry in order to discuss the possibility of testing some protective coatings in the Chernobyl zone. During the presentation, the representatives of «HOTZONE SOLUTIONS GROUP BV» – employees of the French firm «Stengel Project S.A.R.L.» Patrice Henry and Nicoli Stengel described the activities of their firm.

During the meeting with the CC administration the possibility of signing a contract with the French firm «Stengel Project S.A.R.L.» on the usage and testing of the latest technologies in the field of ecology at the Chernobyl site was discussed.

On September, 18 a fact-finding tour to the Chernobyl zone was conducted, accompanied by the
Head of the Research Technical Support Department IRL CC Maksymenko A.M., in order to have a possibility of testing protective clothing in the territory, contaminated by radioactive substances.


  1. «Hotzone Solutions» (HZS) (Rescue-and-Recovery Service) is an international training and consulting company, focusing on the practical and realistic training in the fields of nuclear, radiological, chemical, biological safety and security of explosives and provides commercial services in this area (see site

Functions of the company – staff training in the close to reality conditions, using chemical agents, nuclear, radiological, biological materials and explosives. The company also provides education on health protection against harmful substances, provides advisory services in this area and conducts field testing of equipment and machinery.

  1. «Stengel Project S.A.R.L.» – a firm, which invests in the research and the implementation of new processes, is a consultant in the field of ecology (see website

The main activities of «Stengel Project S.A.R.L.» are the following:

  • Clean-up of soil and beaches polluted by hydrocarbons, heavy metals and PCB
  • Processing and disinfection of mud from water-treatment plants, mud of dredging and from industrial waste
  • Recycling of mud from the blast furnaces of cast iron production
  • Recycling of expanded polystyrene
  • Recycling of high density polymers
  • Processing of the lixiviate from household waste
  • Hospital Waste processing
  • Long life radioactive waste processing
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