“Ukraine and The World: The Challenge of Chornobyl” – Issue of The Album in Foreign Language To Commemorate The 20th Anniversary of The Chornobyl Accident

Period: 2006
Customer: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UkraineThe objective of the album is to revive the world-wide interest of general public in the problems caused by the Chornobyl accident. The project was targeted at expanding the international auditorium concerned with the unsolved problems caused by the Chornobyl accident and necessity to foster further international cooperation aimed at addressing the global problem of Chornobyl.

The album:
  • presents summary information on the Chornobyl accident and experience in its elimination, collaboration of the international community with regard to studying and mitigating the accident’s aftermath;
  • outlines major tasks to be addressed by Ukraine and the international community in future in order to improve safety of nuclear engineering, further summarize the lessons learned from Chornobyl and mitigate the disaster’s consequences.


Head of Information and Analytical Department
Svitlana Chesnokova
Tel./Fax +38 04579 2 82 60
e-mail: inform@chornobyl.net
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