Shooting A Documentary in Foreign Language (on a CD) To Commemorate The 20th Anniversary of The Chornobyl Accident

Period: 2006

Customer: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The film’s message is to revive a world-wide interest of the general public in the problems caused by the Chornobyl accident; provide the reliable and independent information about the Chornobyl disaster and its causes, scale, consequences and actions to overcome them; and cover the urgent issues.

In layman’s terms, the film tells about the history of ChNPP and Prypyat construction, about the accident and its aftermaths, about the experience of its elimination, current condition of the damaged 4th unit, shutdown Units 1, 2 & 3 and the Exclusion Zone.

The film deals with modern problems of nuclear safety and international cooperation related to the Chornobyl problems addressing.

Head of Information and Analytical Department
Svitlana Chesnokova
Tel./Fax +38 04579 2 82 60

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