State-level Assessment of A Threat Posed by Unauthorized Actions Related to Nuclear Facilities, Nuclear Material, Radioactive Waste and Other Radiological Dispersion Devices. Stage 3

Period: 2006

Customer: Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine

The following works were performed within the framework of the project:

  • analysis of new distribution of state bodies’ responsibilities, which is established in the state, as well as influence of normative acts, which for the reason of time of their adoption could not be taken into account during the process of another stage implementation, on the organization of state assessment of threats;
  • justification of the necessity to introduce state threat assessment exactly by the adoption of the President of Ukraine Decree;
  • development of Draft Decree of the President of Ukraine on introduction of a Procedure for Threat State Assessment for radiation and nuclear facilities, in particular, analysis of the current draft revision of the stated procedure and, if necessary, making amendments to it.

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