Quality assurance program for the management of infrastructural facilities within the Exclusion Zone

Customer: State Agency on Exclusion Zone Management

Objective: establish general requirements for the management of infrastructural facilities within ChEZ in order to ensure quality of works at all operational stages of the facilities within SAEZM inventory, as well as of its subordinate enterprises and institutions.

The following groups of ChEZ infrastructural facilities were identified to develop the Program:

  • industrial buildings and structures (including hydro structures);
  • infrastructure of motor transport (motorways and rail roads, overhead roads, bridges, tunnels, electric poles, parking lots, filling stations, service stations, etc.);
  • energy infrastructure (power generators, boiler-houses, electrical supply networks, electrical substations, etc.);
  • social infrastructure (clinics, first-aid posts, shops, etc.);
  • areas around the enterprises/institutions that were allotted by the state and marked in the general layout (including subsoil resources and vegetation);
  • areas within ChEZ territory that are handed over for operation or let on a lease to enterprises/institutions;
  • water resources (including subsurface).

The Program applies to the following activities:

  • engineering, maintenance, correction of facilities’ operation system;
  • technical inspections of facilities (routine and overall, regular/unscheduled);
  • repairs of facilities.

The requirements of the Program are mandatory for SAEZM personnel, as well as for its subordinate enterprises and institutions that are directly involved into the management process of ChEZ infrastructural facilities.

The research results were handed to the Customer.

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