Cooperation with the Institute of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (IRSN, France)

Customer: IRSN, France

Objective: carry out the co-research entitled “Assessment of the impact of ecological factors on the state of soil nematodes community”.

According to the Cooperation Agreement with IRSN, France, dated June 02, 2014, a working visit of Dr. Catherine Lecomte Pradines, an IRSN representative, went on since September 30 till October 6, 2014. During the visit, the abovementioned joint research was continued, soil samples were taken at three points within ChEZ and at one point outside it (7 samples each, 35 total). The set of works covered extraction of nematodes, analysis of their species structure and abundance. The soil samples were prepared for further estimation of agrochemical properties and specific activity of radionuclides (137Cs, 90Sr, 241Am, 238,239,240Pu).

Also, according to the task order under the previous agreement of 2013, radionuclide concentrations (137Cs, 90Sr, 241Am, 238,239,240Pu) were analyzed in the soil samples that have been collected on 25 research sites. The agrochemical characterisation of samples was performed by Chernihiv regional state design and engineering center for the protection of soil fertility and product quality “Oblderzhrodiuchist”. The research areas for 2014 were selected based on the assessment results.

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