Fukushima University and Chornobyl Centre agreed on cooperation

Scientists from the Environmental Radioactivity Institute under Fukushima University (Japan) were informed on the activities of their colleagues from the Chornobyl Center. The scientists from Japan were interested in the experience of Ukrainian specialists in studying radionuclide dynamics in the environment. The communication was informative and productive since most of the Chornobyl Center’s scientists possess the relevant research experience that exceeds 20 years already. The guests were interested in the post-accident development of fauna within the Chernobyl exclusion zone and in the animals currently representing it. The issues of great interest included: informing the general public living on contaminated areas, peculiarities of radiation spread and its effects, and also its impact on people and the ways to improve life safety within the affected areas.

Mykhailo Bondarkov, Director General of the Chornobyl Center, and Kenji Nanba, Deputy Director of Environmental Radioactivity Institute (Japan), discussed cooperation opportunities.

Information Department of SSRI “Chornobyl Center”

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