The training “Measurement of radionuclide activity in samples using spectrometric and radiometric equipment. Simulation of radionuclide distribution in the environment. Risk assessment using the Erica Toolkit”

The Customer: National Nuclear Energy Agency, Indonesia  

 The Objective: preparatory and organizational activities and conduction of the training.

During the preparation and conduction of the training, we developed the training program and coordinated it with the Customer; ensured organizational, technical, financial and economic support; developed and coordinated the program of visit to ChEZ; supported the group during their visit to ChEZ; conducted lectures according to the training program; carried out soil sampling, preparation and measurement of the samples by the use of spectrometric and radiometric equipment, processing of measurement results.

The training was hosted at the Chornobyl Center from 24 October to 12 November, 2016.

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