The project on investigation of the ChEZ radioactive materials has been completed

SSRI “Chornobyl Center” together with SSE “CEMRW” and SSE “Chornobyl NPP” have successfully completed the project “Investigation of fissionable materials in Chornobyl” and received the high mark for the work results from the Customer – the company Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC, which is the general contractor of the USA Department of Energy (DOE). The project final meeting took place on 1st – 2nd of March 2017.
The works on the project began in 2013 and were carried out within “Framework Agreement on Joint Reduction of Threat for Ukraine” signed between the USA and Ukraine on 25th of October 1993 that concerns assistance to Ukraine in the destruction of the strategic nuclear armament and prevention of the spread of weapons of mass destruction and development of the state system of protection, control and accounting of materials for the protection of nuclear material used with the peaceful purposes in Ukraine.
The Beneficiary of the works is the State Agency of Ukraine on the Management of the Exclusion Zone.
Within the project the specialists conducted the identification and document registration of the places, which may contain fissionable materials within the Exclusion Zone, in particular at the RWDS “Podlesny”, “ChNPP 3rd stage”, at the site with 300 m radius around Shelter Object, RWTSP “Staraya Stroybaza”; they conducted working out of the methods on identification and characterization of such materials.

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