The Chornobyl Center receives the 12th Slavutych Ecological Forum

The Chornobyl Center presented its experience and possibilities to the participants of the 12th Slavutych Ecological Forum, which was held within the framework of the section ‘Environmental Problems of Sustainable Development and Conservation of the Environment’ of the Second International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning and Environmental Recovery INUDECO.
The moderator of the Ecological Forum, Ms Julia Maklyuk, PhD of Biology, Senior Researcher of the Chornobyl Center, told the audience about the biodiversity of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, introduced scientific laboratories and answered numerous questions from the guests.

The Scientist of the Institute of Resilient Communities of the University of Berkeley (USA), Professor Kai Vetter spoke about the work experience of scientists, employees and students of the University with the public in providing objective scientific information on the radiation situation in the city, on prediction of its change depending on the external impact and minimization of the consequences of such negative impacts. Professor Vetter also passed to Slavutych schools a dosimeter, which thanks to the special software is included in the network of owners of such dosimeters from the USA, Japan and now – Ukraine. Everyone, who uses such tools, has an access to the information on radiation levels in all places of their use.

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