Project for Support of MELCOR Code in Ukraine

Period: July – October 2002

Customer: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), USA

The objective of the project is to solve problems of MELCOR computer code application in Ukraine with the objective to analyze severe/beyond-the-design-basis accidents.

The following activities were carried out within the framework of this project:

  • detailed overview of a source data set and the documentation required for MELCOR computer code that was developed during analyzing design-basis-accidents for the South Ukrainian NPP;
  • provision of recommendations on the completion of a MELCOR source data set for SUNPP-1 with objective to further use them for the analysis of beyond-the-design-basis and severe accidents;
  • development of documentation on the results of data set, the documentation overview, as well as recommendations on its updating;
  • development of presentation and distribution materials for the MELCOR Ukrainian users’ workshop;
  • arrangement of two workshops for MELCOR users in Ukraine.

In the context of the project, a MELCOR design model was developed to analyze beyond-the-design-basis and severe fuel damage accidents. The model is used by the SUNPP, Chornobyl Center and other organizations providing engineering support to NPP in the area of calculations for Level 2 PSA scenarios.

Director of Safety Analysis Laboratory
Oleg I. Zhabin
Tel. +38 (044) 559 66 07

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