EDEN WP65 Large Scale Demonstration in Prypiat

The Customer: Main School of Fire Service, Poland

 The Objective: preparatory and organizational activities to conduct the training “EDEN WP65 Large Scale Demonstration in Prypiat”.

The project included performance of a series of organizational and technical activities during preparation and conduction of the training.

We have collected materials and provided proposals on the training site (eastern outskirts of District 1 in the town of Prypiat); on the equipment storage with a view to identify safe areas for the training and for the observers; as well as on accommodation, meals, safe and secure storage of equipment.

Travel routes from the accommodation facilities to the training site were identified and their safety was confirmed. Draft map of the training site was developed; equipment testing areas and sites for the observers were marked. Programs of visit to ChEZ for preparation and conduction of the training were prepared and agreed in accordance with the established procedure; authorizations for the equipment import and export and necessary permits were obtained. The areas to safely store and decontaminate the equipment were proposed and established. Obtaining of a permission to use UAVs was organized. Recommendations on the activities to ensure radiation protection of the training participants and observers were developed; a lecture on security and occupational safety was delivered. The training participants were provided with all necessary PPE, additional PPE, special footwear and clothes, changing facilities. Accommodation of the training participants in Slavutych and Chernihiv; their meals in Chernihiv, Slavutych and Canteen No.19 at the SSE ChNPP; transfers and cultural program were organized.

A series of activities was carried out to prepare the training site (felling of trees, cleanup of the area, setup and dismantling of the camp, provision of necessary sanitary and hygienic equipment and consumables, organization and provision of satellite Internet services, mobile and radio communications, energy supply, etc.).

Medical support to the training participants and observers was ensured; particularly, rotation of ambulances throughout the training period and preparedness of Slavutych Medical and Sanitary Station No.16 to provide medical assistance to injured, if necessary.

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