Development of Preliminary Safety Analysis Report on Chornobyl NPP Level 1 at The Final Stage of Closure and Safe Storage

Period: 2005-2006

Customer: British Nuclear Group (BNG), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), UK

The objective of the Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR) is to ensure that the level of radiation safety for the personnel, public and environment during ChNPP Level 1 decommissioning at the stages of ‘final closure’ and ‘safe storage’ will meet the norms, rules and standards of nuclear and radiation safety.

The total scope of work includes two phases:

  • Development of the requirements to the document structure and content, conformance of the developed structure with ChNPP and SNRCU.
  • Development of the document and its conformance with ChNPP administration.
The following issues shall be reflected in the developed document:
  • description of the facility and its technical characteristics;
  • limits and conditions of the normal operation of the facility systems and elements to be left in operation;
  • radiation conditions;
  • radioactive materials;
  • fire-hazardous and explosive materials;
  • ensuring radiation protection of the personnel, public and environment.
Following its development and approval by the ChNPP administration, PSAR should be sent by the operating organization to the State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine in the package of documents for getting separate written authorizations for providing works or operations at the final stages of closure or safe storage of ChNPP Units 1&2 under the license conditions.

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