Chornobyl Center and ‘RosEnergoAtom’ Cocern signed collaboration program for 2007

In February 2007, the Chornobyl Center, Ukraine, and ‘RosEnergoAtom’ Concern, Russia, signed a collaboration program for 2007. The program provides for interaction in the area of developing the databases required for decommissioning of power units at Ukrainian and Russian NPPs; performing comprehensive engineering and radiation survey of the power units’; technical visits of experts in an effort to exchange experience; joint hosting of workshops and trainings dealing with the issues of NPP nuclear and radiation safety; management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel, emergency response and physical protection.

The signed program is a constituent part of the Cooperation Agreement signed by the Chornobyl Center and ‘RosEnergoAtom’ in February 2005. Under this Agreement, experts from both organizations collaborate in such areas as power units, decommissioning, radiation protection, radioecology, publishing activity, organization of conferences and workshops. Personnel of Russian and Ukrainian power plants, NNEGC ‘Energoatom’, RSC ‘Kurchatov Institute’ and other nuclear enterprises and organizations in both countries participate in general arrangements.

Last year, the collaboration program for the experts of ‘RosEnergoAtom’ Concern and Chornobyl Center included hosting of several bilateral working meetings and workshops. Experience of the Center’s experts in development of the databases and regulatory documents ensuring the process of power units decommissioning aroused the greatest interest in Russian partners. Specific meetings in Moscow, Sevastopol, and at the South Ukrainian NPP were devoted to this point.

Yevhen Garin, Coordinating Director of the Chornobyl Center, pointed out that such a collaboration enables an opportunity to use available experience, scientific and technical achievements of Russian and Ukrainian nuclear organizations with maximum efficiency and ensure optimum results of the activities within the area of cooperation.

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