Assessment of Radioactive Contamination of Environmental and Terrestrial Biota Components within The Territories Adjacent to The Chornobyl NPP Cooling Pond

Customer: Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), USA

Period: since 2007

The main objective of the research is to assess radioecology situation and radioactive contamination levels for biological bodies in the terrestrial ecosystems along the shore of the ChNPP cooling pond during the period of its possible discharge. The purpose is to develop an appropriate database and arrange reference proving grounds for further assessment of the consequences that might potentially emerge after taking certain decisions on the future state of the cooling pond.

The results of the project will be useful both researchers and local executive bodies in charge of the cooling pond problems and long-term effects of radioactive contamination. Implementation of the project will ensure an opportunity to upgrade the mobile spectrometric laboratory and improve methods for biological bodies’ radioactivity assessment. It will also provide new harmless methods to research wild life in its habitat.

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