Comprehensive Assessment of Radiation and Ecological Operational Safety of The ChNPP Environmental Objects Located on The Industrial Site and in Slavutych. Protection of The Groundwater from Pollution

Period: 2002 – 2003

Customer: SSE Chornobyl NPP

Project objective: research geological medium and hydrogeological conditions of the ChNPP location area, create mathematical model of groundwater filtration in the ChNPP location area. Study the status and processes of groundwater contamination.

The following tasks were completed within the framework of the project:

  • Almost all data on the geological and geomorphological characteristics of the ChNPP location area available at the moment of research were collected and studied. The geographical conditions were taken into account. This, due to the use of geoinformation systems (GIS), allowed creating a 3-D geological model of the area under research.
  • The dislocations (washouts) in the structure of geologic confining beds that have ecological impact were revealed. The beds divide confined and free-surface groundwater within the territory. The key hydrogeological characteristics of the ChNPP industrial site and the adjacent zone were studied. A parametric database for hydrogeological modeling was developed.
  • A mathematical model of groundwater filtration was developed specially for hydrogeological conditions of the ChNPP location area and the adjacent territory. Visual Modflow 2.71 computer program that includes Modflow, Modpath and MT96 computer modules was used to create the model. The model demonstrated effective correlation of calculation and experimental data and can be used for implementation of design activities for the Chornobyl NPP Units decommissioning and the Shelter Object transformation.
  • Radioactive and chemical contamination of the ChNPP industrial site groundwater was analyzed. The contamination was caused by migration of radionuclides from man-made soil layer contaminated in the period of 1986 accident. Assessments of migration speed demonstrate no real hazards to surface water bodies (the River Prypyat).

As for now the monitoring results of the groundwater condition confirm ecological safety of the ChNPP Units 1,2 & 3 facilities and equipment.

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