Analytical Substantiation of Rivne NPP Emergency Operating Instructions – Phase 1

Period: May 2001 – October 2003

Customer: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), USA

Beneficiary: Rivne NPP

The objective of the project was to identify heat-hydraulic calculations required for analytical justifications of the symptom-oriented emergency operating instructions (EOI).

The following activities were carried out within the framework of the project:

  • development of the guidelines on EOI;
  • review of the heat-hydraulic calculations implemented within the framework of probabilistic safety analysis (PSA) and analysis of design-basis accidents (DBA);
  • analysis of the Rivne NPP Unit 1 draft guidelines and their comparison (taking into account specific features of the power unit) with general instructions from the Westinghouse Owners Group Emergency Response Guidelines;
  • identification of additional heat-hydraulic calculations and engineering assessments required for justification of EOI, their ranking by significance (high, medium, low priority);
  • identification of those EOI parameters, which require justification.

The work resulted in a list of detailed calculation scenarios and engineering assessments that should be implemented with the objective to justify emergency management strategies, actions of personnel based on the strategies, as well as the criteria/conditions identifying a necessity of personnel interference or demonstrating effeciency of the activities being undertaken.

Director of Safety Analysis Laboratory
Oleg I. Zhabin
Tel. +38 (044) 559 66 07

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