SNRI “Chornobyl Center” continued its works on studying fissionable materials in Chornobyl

The next stage of the activities will include development of procedures to survey the storage sites of nuclear materials and their amounts, methods of sampling, development of measurement instructions, sampling and analysis of samples; preparatory works on material characterization.

The activities are performed within the scope of the Framework Agreement between the U.S. and Ukraine under The Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Program in Ukraine, dated October 25, 1993 and dealing with assisting Ukraine in the destruction of strategic nuclear weapons and preventing the proliferation of mass destruction weapons, as well as the development of state system for protection, control and accounting of material in order to secure nuclear materials used for peaceful purposes in Ukraine.

The Customer of the project is Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC, which is the general contractor for the Department of Energy (DOE).

The project’s Beneficiary is the State Agency of Ukraine for the Exclusion Zone Management.
The project will continue till September 2015.

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