Night of memory

In the night of 26 April, 2014, the Chornobyl Center staff jointly with other residents and visitors of Slavutych paid tribute to those, who died in the Chornobyl disaster. On that night, the pain of loss, gratitude for the achieved, responsibility in the face of the future united all the present. Again, a sea of ​​flowers and candles, memorial bells, sorrow tunes, tears in the eyes and pain in every heart..

“The Chornobyl disaster that occurred 28 years ago has shown the world that a peaceful atom, when it goes out of control, becomes the worst enemy that does not recognize state borders. The accident led to contamination with cesium and strontium nuclides of more than 200 thousand square kilometers in Europe, 70 % of which is in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The nuclear disaster affected nearly 5 million people in these states, including 3.5 million people in Ukraine, half of them were children.

Overcoming the effects of the global nuclear accident was a matter of large-scale international cooperation. Accumulated scientific knowledge about causes and consequences of the Chornobyl disaster, gained experience in overcoming it and prevented nuclear accidents were delivered to the experts from all over the world, including on a unique training ground within the Chornobyl exclusion zone. Since the first day of its existence and till now, the Chornobyl Center is a nucleus of this collaboration.

Today, paying tribute to all those, who died in the nuclear hell, we do our best to ensure that future generations inherit safe nuclear energy, to ensure ASAP return of the Chornobyl exclusion zone to reserve and commercial use by virtue of the latest techniques. I wish you all good health, fruitful results of cooperation, development and prosperity of our country for the sake of happy future for all of us and our successors.

Mykhailo Bondarkov,
Director General of the Chornobyl Center”.

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