Firefighters from the Netherlands come with the technical visit to Ukraine

On 20th of June 2017 the delegation of the National Fire Academy of the Netherlands visited the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. The visit took place within the 4-day workshop organized by the specialists of the Chornobyl Center on 19th-22nd of June 2017.
The guests visited the New Safety Confinement of the Shelter Object, learned about the history of its construction and the current state of the emergency block, visited the unit control panel of the reactor of the ChNPP Unit 1, Pripyat town, held meetings with the colleagues from the State Fire and Rescue Department of Chornobyl town at the territory of SSE ChNPP and in Chornobyl, visited the museum and the memorial “Polyn Star” in Chornobyl.
The workshop program also includes a technical meeting with the specialists from the Chornobyl Center, a visit to the museum of Chornobyl in Kiev, a meeting with the liquidators of the Chornobyl accident.

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