Brown Bear in the Chornobyl Zone. A New Encounter

Dr. Serhii Gashchak, Deputy Director for Science of the Chornobyl Center’s International Radioecology Laboratory, managed to get a color image of brown bear in the Chornobyl exclusion zone.

Was it the same bear recorded by an automatic camera last October? Additional measurements on the site, where the new encounter has occurred, may give an answer to this question. According to the scientist, a beast could be rarely seen in the area. Although, a bear could be enticed there by a long dry season, as some water bodies have dried up within the zone.

The new guest looks plump but not very big; it has some callosities on its back (possibly, caused by rubbing on the trees).

Last year’s forecasts of Dr. Serhii Gashchak about new meetings with this animal proved true, so we’re waiting for the next ones!

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