Meeting of the Swedish writer Madeleine Hesserus with scientists of Chornobyl Center

On May 17, 2012 Chornobyl Center was visited by the Swedish writer Madeleine Hesserus, a famous publicist, in order to write a novel about a doctor-biologist, who worked in the Chornobyl zone. The protagonist of the future novel is a collective image, so that our guest was interested in many issues: the life of scientists, CC researches, how Chornobyl Center was created.

Ph.D. in Biology I. Chizhevsky, Madeleine Hesserus, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences B.Oskolkov.

The guest was interested in CC collaboration with the scientists from other countries, in the Chernobyl zone researches, in CC prospects for the future.
The conversation took place in a warm atmosphere. The excursion around the International Radioecology Laboratory of Chornobyl Center was conducted by CC specialists.

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