Collaboration with Texas Tech University, USA

Customer: Texas Tech University, USA

Objective: obtain genetic material from the model species of bank vole ( Myodes glareolus), and develop corresponding radiological characterization of test sites and animals.

Within the framework of the contract between Texas Tech University (USA) and ChC of July 29, 2014, the cooperation on genetic research of small rodents within ChEZ was continued in 2014. 1900 trap-days were followed through on eight sites (“Red Forest”, “Novoshepelytske Forestry”, “Glyboke Lake” “North Trace”, “Krasnianska”, “Vesniane”, “Buda-Varovychi”, “Glynka”) during seven days in August and September. 885 animals of 8 species were caught. They included 308 bank voles, tissue samples were selected from 105 animals and frozen in liquid nitrogen. DNA analysis shall be made by Texas Tech University. ChC has estimated external exposure doses (gamma, beta) at animal trapping points, analyzed concentrations of 90Sr and 137Cs in the muscles and bones for further assessment of absorbed doses, and prepared general description of test sites.

In the period since 15 till 22 December, 2014, ChC and ChEZ were visited by Dr. Robert J. Baker and Mr. Jeffrey K. Wickliffe, representatives of the University, to learn about new test sites, progress of works and to discuss the results obtained. Moreover, details of further activities within the framework of scientific cooperation were discussed.

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