Chornobyl Center for Nuclear Safety, Radioactive Waste and Radioecology


Information about the instructors
  • Sergii P. Gashchak, andidate of Biological Sciences. Expert in the area of farm and wild animals radioecology; radioecology of biogeocenosis; radioecology of urbanized landscape, agricultural counter-measurements, radiobiology of animals; population genetics; ecology of cenosis; biodiversity and nature protection. Experienced in teaching the basics of radiobiology. Author and co-author of 45 publications.
  • Andrii M. Maximenko, expert in the area of radiation safety, radiochemistry and spectrometry. Experienced in teaching the basics of nuclear physics and radiochemical analysis. Author and co-author of 27 publications.
  • Iuliia A. Makliuk, expert in the area of radiobiology, molecular biology, cytogenetics and radiochemical analysis. Experienced in teaching the basics of radiobiology and cytogenetics. Author and co-author of 20 publications.
  • Valentyn I. Martynenko, expert in the area of spectrometry. Experienced in teaching the basics of nuclear physics. Author and co-author of 4 publications.
Scientific works related to the training course subjects:
  • Baryakhtar V.G., Bondarkov M.D., Gaschak S.P., Goryanaya Ju.A., Maximenko A.M., Liabik V.V., Chesser R.K., Baker R.G. Problems in small mammals radioecology // Environmental Sciences and Pollution Research. 2003. Special Issue No 1. PP. 95106.
  • Chesser R.K., Sugg D.W., Lomakin M.D., Van Den Bussche R.A., DeWoody J.A., Jagoe C.H., Dallas C.E., Whicker F.W., Smith M.H., Gaschak S.P., Chizhevsky I.V., Lyabik V.V., Buntova E.G., Holloman K., Baker R.J. Concentrations and Dose Rate Estimates of 134, 137Cesium and 90Strontium in Small Mammals at Chornobyl // Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 2000. V. 19, No. 2, PP. 305312.
  • Oleksyk T.K., Gashchak S.P., Glenn T.C., Jagoe C.H., Peles J.D., Purdue J.R., Tsyusko O.V., Zalissky O.O., Smith M.H.. Frequency distributions of 137Cs in fish and mammal populations // Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. 2001. V. 61. PP. 5574.
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